A diamond tiara is a girl’s best friend Alexis Mabille Couture Vår Sommar 2017
Diala Aschkar, Art Director at Orient Palms, France & Rana Bou Saada

A diamond tiara is a girl’s best friend

Alexis Mabille Couture Spring Summer 2017

Alexis Mabille turns his podium into an elegant ball, where modern brides impress the audience with their majestic tiaras, whimsical veils and playful colors. In fact the designer smartly uses the tiara in his Couture Spring Summer 2017 collection, keeping us wondering where it will be placed! Diadems are sometimes expectedly worn on the head, but are placed on the sleeves or waists other times. Another accessory that catches the attention is the veil: it serves as a bridal headpiece, a flowing overdress, or an extending train.

Mabille’s collection cheerfully captures spring’s lightheartedness with its bright – almost euphoric – colors. It also reunites the two ends of the shapes’ spectrum with its princess gowns on one hand and its geometric cuts on the other. Furthermore, Mabille caters not only for the bride’s ceremonial elegance, but also for her honeymoon’s mood, with various boudoir looks. The following 16 looks reflect Mabille’s signature colors and design versatility.

While the first look below strikes us with its beautiful turquoise and purple colors, the other one impresses us with its elegant black choice. They are both adorned with a tiara belt (and crown in the first case!) and some bold graphic ruffles.

  • Turquoise shirt in satin and lace with organza ruffle collar. Purple cassimere trousers. Diadem belt.
  • Black corolla bustier in lace and veiling with matching cassimere trousers. Diadem belt.

These outfits are indeed eye-popping, mainly due to their bold fluffy tulle shoulders! While the flounces of each dress are singular, the second ones are further bejeweled with strands of diamonds.

  • Blouse in illusion tulle, worn over a corseted bodysuit in black duchesse satin. Coral tuxedo skirt in crêpe and satin.
  • Oxblood bustier sheath with flounces of organza caught by strands of diamonds.

A crown, a head veil and a vivid yellow color all-through make of a graphic impacting bridal appearance! Indeed, most of the collection looks are monochromatic, having even matching nail polish. The slip dress and the caftan cut are beautifully combined to create an original proposal.

Long, golden yellow dress in crêpe embroidered with jet and white baguettes, jewel straps.

If you think that tiaras are best worn on the head, think twice! While the exuberant mandarin dress has a simple diadem on its lower hemline, the tulle and lace one has a crystal tiara corset.

  • Mandarin bustier dress in crêpe with diadem-embroidered gores.
  • “Diadem and veil” dress, in black tulle, lace and crystal.

In a nod to Marilyn Monroe’s look in the “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” musical, this fuchsia organza dress magnificently displays volume and a cascade of folded ruffles while still defining the waist with a matching satin belt.

Ruffled fuchsia negligée in organza with coordinating satin belt and corseted lace bodysuit.

These models seem to have come from a medieval castle, as their sheaths’ geometric lines and royal emerald and blue colors remind us of the era’s style. These “darker” colors chosen by Mabille match the powerful cuts.

  • Emerald evening sheath in crêpe, diadem sleeves of crosshatched ribbons embroidered with emeralds and diamonds; cape.
  • Royal blue sheath in crêpe, corolla neckline embroidered with iridescent rocaille petals.

While these negligees both have corseted bodysuits, each has unique features. The white and crystal embroideries of the slip dress are an arabesque allusion, while the colorful ribbons swirling all around are a lively addition. The veil of the second model can magically transform her bridal look into a honeymoon-one, once taken off.

  • White slip dress in illusion tulle embroidered with white and crystal arabesques, with colored ribbon embellishments at seams. Corseted bodysuit with iridescent embroidery.
  • Turquoise negligée in illusion tulle with front bow detail, worn over a corseted bodysuit in gold- and platinum-colored lace.

Whether it’s the turquoise negligee or the oxblood one, their illusion tulle surely give them a sexy impression! The left one’s rocaille embroidery is a girly and iridescent ornament.

  • Nude dress in crêpe with thin straps, with iridescent rocaille petal embroidery, sun-pleated illusion tulle and incrustations of turquoise lace.
  • Oxblood evening gown in illusion tulle with ruffled lace sleeves. Worn with a matching lingerie bustier dress with lace incrustations.

At last, the classic white bride! In addition to its shimmering lace and satin belt, what is so special about this gown is the inside beige color and neckline’s tiara. The second bridal look is definitely more daring. The crêpe dress and the dressing gown with its satin tuxedo collar echo, once again, the boudoir mood.

  • White sheath in shimmering lace with diadem neckline and veiled back. White satin belt.
  • Evening coat in white mantilla lace with satin tuxedo collar, worn with a t-shirt dress in white crêpe.